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Magnificent Sea Anemone Blue ringed Angelfish Batfish Scorpianfish White eyed moray Stingray at Sandbar, Grand Cayman
Beared Scorpionfish Spiny head blenny in orange sponge Goby on orange sponge Flamingo tongue close up Gaudy clown crab Tarpon hunting silversides
Back lit fire coral Tiny crab hides between coral polyps Juvenile Burrfish Staghorn coral macro Hawksbill and sunball WA sponges at Babylon, Grand Cayman : Cayman Islands
Banded cleaner shrimp Soft coral Christmas tree worm Chromodoris nudibranch Comb Jelly Crocodilefish
Flatworm Flatworm Flatworm Geometric moray Hingebeak shrimp Nudibranch
Nudibranch Purple soft coral Featherstar : Sea Fan 12/6/08 Mantis shrimp Fish soup Ornate ghost pipefish
Blue lined snappers Tigertail seahorse Symmetrical brain coral Crown of thorns Cuttlefish Rock cod
Soft coral wall and diver Anemone Durban dancing shrimp Bearded scorpion fish marco Red Prickely sea cucumber Emporer Angel fish
Cryonoid free swimming Yellow box fish Soft coral line divers Cave entry Checking out a scorpion fish Diver over seafans
Giant moray eel Schooling jacks School of jacks Jewel urchin ornate ghost pipe fish clown anemone fish
Diver pink soft coral Phyllidia ocellata nudibranch Porcelain crab Seahorse Seahorse Seahorse
Shortfin Lionfish Starfish Stonefish Striped frogfish Striped frogfish Turbastrea coral